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Pha cà phê

How to make VietFive
Vietnamese Coffee 


Things You Will Need:

VietFive Coffee: 2-3 tablespoons ground coffee (referred drip grind)

Phin coffee filter (VietFive Phins made for 12oz single servings)

Condensed Milk (Coconut Condensed or Oat Milk for vegan option) depending on your preference (we enjoy Longevity brand condensed milk)

Hot Water: 6-8 ounces (amount will depend on desired strength)

Ice: Depends on your preference


  1. Prep a heatproof glass, coffee mug, or cup. (We do not recommend plastic material)

  2. Pour preferred amount of condensed milk 

  3. Place stainless steel phin coffee filters over cup. (Depending on your preference you can use a French coffee press or other drip coffee methods)

  4. Add 2-3 tablespoons of ground coffee, and distribute it evenly into the filter.

  5. Place weight filter over coffee and add about 3 tablespoons of hot water and allow 30 seconds to "bloom" the coffee. This part of the process allows the water to release c02 from the coffee as the grounds expand

  6. Fill water to the top of the filter and cover with lid

  7. Allow 4-5 minutes for optimum brewing time and the coffee to complete the drip process.

  8. Stir and mix condensed milk 

  9. Enjoy hot or over ice