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Our Coffee Brand Story.

VietFive Coffee is founded by Tuan Huynh, an award-winning creative director and community organizer, based out of Chicago, Illinois.


In 1975, after the fall of Saigon, my family was displaced to the central highlands of Vietnam. Once there, my family began to grow and harvest robusta beans on the volcanic red soil of Buôn Ma Thuột.


My father was imprisoned for 5 and half years by the government before we fled Vietnam.


After 5 days at sea, with 55 souls on board, we arrived to the shores of Malaysia. We then spent 5 months in a Kuala Lumpur refugee camp before being accepted into the US.

We are all we have. Through all of our struggles, we are here. Together. My parents would always remind the five of us, "we started with nothing but we have everything when we have each other." 

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It’s more than coffee.
It’s our story.
Out of the ashes of struggle came a beautiful narrative of hope fulfilled. Faith as small as a coffee bean sprouts a gift to the world that is unexpected of its offering. Robusta(o), from the red dirt of the central highlands of Vietnam , 

Defectively Delicious. 

Why do we say defectively delicious? As a species of coffee, Robusta beans has long been overlooked, deemed inferior to Arabica, and dismissed by many specialty roasters and coffee lovers. Mostly, due to lack of investments and resources throughout the supply chain for local robusta farmers (like my family's). We are changing that narrative with VietFive Coffee. With our producers as our first priority, we are investing in the production, processing, and roasting of Vietnamese robusta beans to insure quality and change the perception of the industry.

Once considered defective, now can be deliciously enjoyed in VietFive Coffee.